Amphibians and Reptiles

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I have been collecting and collating information on the status and distribution of reptiles and amphibians in North-east England for many years. Periodically, I publish updated atlases of the distribution of these species in the region. The most recent 2016 editions can be downloaded by clicking on the images below.
The first ever Atlas of the Freshwater Fish of North-east England can be downloaded from the image below.

 pages from north east england amphibian atlas 2016  pages from north east england reptile atlas 2016 freshwater fish atlas of north-east england


Great Crested Newt Sites in North-east England

Up to date data with precise grid references for all of the known Great Crested Newt sites in the region is now available immediately and free of charge from "The Record Pool" and the "NBN Consultants Portal". These are overlapping data sets, so both should be consulted.






Dave Green's amphibian identification key and his classic and detailed accounts of Great Crested Newt ecology, larval development and rearing can be downloaded by clicking on the images below.


 amph key comp gcn dev cover comp  gcn ecology cover  gcn rearing cover

Avoid killing Water Shrews in your newt bottle-traps, read the document by clicking on the image below. Updated for 2014

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